How Do I Browse my Databases?

You can find all your existing databases in the right panel of the Dashboard. You can open a desired database by just double clicking on the database name in the right panel of the Dashboard.

1.  Once you create or imported a database, its name should appear under “Your Databases” on the main Dashboard page.

2.  Click on the name of the database you want to browse, in the database Panel (3 on the image)



3.  You should now be in the Database Control Panel. Its name should be displayed on the top-right of the screen, and you would click the link for the database that you want to open.


From the Database Control Panel, you click the link to open the database you wish to go into and you can navigate and browse through your database using:

  • SEARCH:  Paper Tiger gives you instant retrieval of information using the search feature. Document searches are done using Item NameKeywords, and Item Notes. (#2 in image below)
  • LOCATION: This is the Paper Tiger location that corresponds to a physical location where your documents are stored. Click the Locations button to view locations in your database.  (#4 in image below)
  • CATEGORIES: Categories are used to establish relationships/groupings among the various documents you store. Click the Categories button to view categories of related items in your database. For Example: Bank Statements, Utility Bills, or Taxes. (clicking the Categories box in #3 image below will show you a list of Categories you've created. You'll also see in #4, a Category column for Items that you've assigned a Category to.)
  • CONFIRMATIONS: This is Paper Tiger's way of ensuring that any actions done within Paper Tiger are in sync with what should be done physically. Paper Tiger does not commit any changes to items that require confirmations. Items that you choose to Confirm will show as pending until you confirm them. Before confirming your transferred or tossed items, you can print a Transfer report if you'd like. Click the Confirm button to confirm or cancel Transfers (Moves, Duplicates, Merges) and items you've Tossed. (clicking the Confirm box in #3 image below will show you a list of Items that you've Transferred or Tossed, and you'll need to confirm pending moves/tosses in this section.)
  • REMINDERS: Many times we store stuff that may require review or attention at a later date in the future. Set reminders using action dates from this tab to remind yourself about things to do. Click the Reminders button to view all items with reminders in your database that fall within the Reminders Horizon you've set in the Database Preferences section. (in #3 image below)
  • TRASH: If you delete an item, it is moved from its location to the Trash. To view items tossed from Locations, use the Trash button. To completely delete an item from the database, click the Empty Trash button from the Trash Location. (in #3 image below)
  • DATABASE PREFERENCES: Use this tab if you want to delete or rename the database you are using. You can also choose the time zone for your database, turn on or off the require a confirmation by default, change the number of days for your Reminders Horizon, turn on or off the Reminders Notification, and export your database to XML or XLS format. This is also where you can activate digital search if you have the Basic or Pro account plan and have connected to your Google Docs account. (in #5 image below)
  • PRINT TABS/LABELS: Print labels for your physical locations from this tab. (in #1 image below)
  • PRINT REPORTS: Print reports for your physical locations from this tab. (in #1 image below)



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