What is a Database in Paper Tiger?



A database is a group of related locations, categories, and items. Paper Tiger Online uses databases to help you better manage your physical items by giving you options and flexibility. For example: You can use a HOME database to manage items at home, OFFICE to manage items at your office, etc.

With Paper Tiger Online you can:

1)   CREATE A DATABASE: An empty database with no input. After creating a Database, you would start by creating a Location or multiple Locations, then begin adding your Items to index within each Location relating to how you think or want to manage your items.

2)   IMPORT A DATABASE: If you are an existing user of the Desktop application, you can import your old database(s). (.ptd or .bak)

3)   EXPORT A DATABASE: Export an XML copy of your online database for your personal backup.

Paper Tiger allows you to view, edit, export and delete your database using the “Database Preferences”, while inside the database. The database preferences include:

  • Name: Database Name
  • Confirmation Default Behavior: Do you want to require confirmations on Transfer actions?
  • Reminder Horizon: Choose how far into the future you want the reminders page to see. This also affects the reminders popup that appears when you have reminders due.
  • Reminder notifications: Turn On or Off
  • EXPORT database to .xml file
  • DELETE database: Deleting a database requires a password so that this will not be done accidentally. A deleted database is not recoverable.


Select/Import/Create Database





Inside a Database



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