How do I change my Database Preferences

How do I change my Database Preferences?



To change a specific database's preferences:

1. Click the database you want to edit by clicking on its name in the database panel of the Dashboard.

2. Then click on the Database Preferences tab. From the pop-up box you can change:

  • Database name
  • Confirmation settings (Whether you would like Paper Tiger to automatically require a confirmation every time you perform an action to an item (like move, merge, duplicate or toss.)
  • Reminder Horizon (How far into the future you want the reminders page to see. This will affect the reminders pop-up that appears when you have reminders due.)
  • Reminder Notification (Turn off the notification shown when you have items with reminders due or past due.
  • Database Export (Export your database in XML format for your records.)
  • Delete database

Click the "Update database settings" button when complete.



DB Preferences.png

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