How do I view XML backup in Excel 2007


1. When logged into Paper Tiger Online, click on the Database from the Dashboard that you want to export.

While inside the database you want to export - click the Database Preference tab located to the top, right of the screen



2. Export the Database as an XML File

On the pop-up box that appears, click the link at the bottom of the box to "Export Database as an XML File". Select a location to save the XML file and Save it. (The default location is usually the Downloads Folder)



3. Open Excel

On the Menu bar, select the Data View



4. Import Data

From the "Get External Data" section, select the "From Other Sources" option, then select "From XML Data Import" from the drop down list



5. Select the XML File

Navigate to the directory where you saved the XML file and select it



6. Select the Cell where you want the Data to Start

This determines where the data will begin on the worksheet. In the image below, the data will begin in the first column and the first row (First cell A1)



7. The data after it has been imported (Includes all other columns to the right)



Another screen shot of the Excel file after resizing the columns:


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