What are my options in database preferences?

The Database Preferences Tab

In every database, there is a "Database preferences" tab located to the top right of the screen. The database preferences allow you to control various options about your database. Below are some of the database preference options that you are presented with when you click the tab


1.  Database Name option

Use this option to change the name of your database


2.  Confirmation Option

Use this option to either activate or de-activate reminder alerts used to confirm previous transactions. Confirmations help you maintain consistency between Paper Tiger and your physical locations. Without confirmation all transactions would be final, so if you forget to reflect the change physically, your Paper Tiger location and physical location will be out of sync.


3.  Reminder Horizon option

Use this to determine the Action dates of new items in a given location. Action items are items that require your future attention. Setting this date will establish how far in the future that the database will look to remind you to review those items. In the screen shot below, you would receive a reminder every 14 days for this location. 


4.  Reminder Notification Option

Turning this option on tells Paper Tiger to remind you whenever you have pending reminders. This is done when you access the database. You will see a flashing yellow bar telling you that you have pending reminders


5.  Notes option

Your Paper Tiger database has an additional optional column in the items table called "Notes". Notes are used to add additional information about your item, that you may not want to capture within your item name or keywords. For example, it could be a message for the next person who accesses the file. By default the Notes column is turned off, use this setting to turn on and be able to see the Notes column. The Notes column is only searchable if you turn this on.


6. Export, Save, Delete Database

You can export your Paper Tiger database as an XML file. You can delete your database, and save or cancel the changes you made to go back to filing. Note: if you click to delete your database, as an extra precaution, you will need to enter your password to confirm that you indeed want to delete the database. The database will be deleted and is not retrievable.


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