What is a duplicate transfer?

Duplicate transfer is nothing but creating duplicate item in the same location or in different locations.

Duplicate transfer directions:

  1. Open your Paper Tiger Online and select the database.
  2. Select item(s) you want to transfer, click on Transfer and select Duplicate.
  3. A pop up will open asking New Location.
  4. Select the New Location from the drop down box where you want to create the duplicated item.
  5. Input Action Date if desired.
  6. Choose whether you want to Confirm the duplicate prior to the duplicate item showing up in the new place. This will give you the opportunity to print a Transfer report on this pending item and also make sure that your physical location of this item synchronizes with your database. 
  7. Click on "Duplicate this file" button.
  8. If you chose to Confirm, you will need to click on the Confirm box to Accept or Cancel the duplication. If accepted, then the duplicated item will be created in the specified location.



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