What do you mean by "requiring a confirmation"?

Confirmation means, when you are transferring item(s) (move, merge, duplicate), or you are tossing an item(s), you want to verify the transferring item once again before it is actually transferred in Paper Tiger. You can choose to require a confirmation when using the Transfer function. You would check the radio button to require confirmation while transferring the item. This will leave the item(s) being transferred in a 'pending' status until the item(s) have been confirmed.

You would then need to select the Confirm box in the upper right corner after you have submitted to transfer the item.  This will allow you to make sure that your item is being moved, merged or duplicated to the correct location before it is actually moved in the database. Click the check box(es) beside each item that you want to confirm, then click on the CONFIRM button. You can also choose to CANCEL any transferred item at this point.

When you click on “Confirm” button in the Confirmation list window, then the items are moved and you will be able to see the items in the new location.

You can also print out a Transfer Report prior to Confirming so that you can have your assistant physically move the item(s), then check Confirm in Paper Tiger to affirm the physical items have been moved to match Paper Tiger's database and the job has been completed.








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