What is Transfer? How do I use Transfer? Why do I need to Confirm a Transfer?


A Transfer is when you want to move, merge or duplicate an Item from one Location to another. Paper and some other items usually have a life cycle - from creation to processing, archive and ultimately to be tossed (deleted), or other unique phases depending on what you do, (Pending, Paid, Rented, Urgent e.t.c.)  There are times when you want to move a Item from one place to another (for example when you archive or move Items off-site), or want to merge two separate items into one unique item.

Paper Tiger makes adjusting to these changes very easy.

Paper Tiger lets you transfer files in 3 ways:

  • MOVE ITEMS: Paper Tiger lets you move items out of one Location and into another
  • MERGE ITEMS: Paper Tiger lets you merge two or more items into another item
  • DUPLICATE ITEMS: Paper Tiger lets you duplicate items either into the same location or into another location

You may want to verify the transferring item once again before it is actually transferred in Paper Tiger. You can choose to require a confirmation when using the Transfer function. You would check the radio button to require confirmation while transferring the item.

You would then need to select the Confirm box in the upper right corner.  This will allow you to make sure that your item is being moved, merged or duplicated to the correct location. Click the check box(es) beside each item that you want to confirm, then click on the CONFIRM button.

You can also choose to CANCEL any transferred item at this point.

You can also print out a Transfer Report prior to Confirming so that you can have your assistant physically move the item(s), then check Confirm in Paper Tiger to affirm the job has been completed.

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