February 10th: Paper Tiger Webinar with Anne McGurty and Fred Holgado


Whether you are a beginner or experienced user of Paper Tiger, learn the fundamental uses and overview on Paper Tiger Online.

This first webinar was conducted by Fred Holgado from Paper Tiger headquarters. Anne McGurty, productivity expert and also a Paper Tiger expert was also on the call and she provided many helpful tips along the way.

To learn more about Anne and the services she provides, please visit
To learn more about Paper Tiger, visit

In this webinar, we covered the following:

- Create a new DB (commentary from Anne about where it makes sense to have a single or separate dbs?)

- Add a new location

- Capacity of a location

- Print Tabs/Labels

- Installing tabs in folders

- Invite a user in a multi-user plan

- Assigning permissions in a multi-user plan

- File an Item in PTO

- Item Name

- Keywords

- Action Date

- Physically filing the item

- Anne talks about filing process, delegation?

- Finding an item

Questions from the Webinar Answered

Q: So your tabs in the PDF are formatted for 1/5 cut, that’s what you’re saying?
A: yes, they are 1/5 cut for the self cut tabs….if you have a paid plan, you will also be able to choose an Avery label to print onto

Q: Is my database saved on my hard drive, or is it only accessible when I’m connected to the internet?
A: Paper Tiger Online databases are accessible when connected to the internet when you are logged into your account.

Q: If the internet is down but I need to find something. : )
A: Printing reports would be a good idea to keep on hand in the event your internet is down

Q: Where do we contact you?
A: You can calls us at 866-701-1561 or

Q: Can you export your Professional Desktop version to the FREE online version or must it be a paid version?
A: You can only import your desktop database into the Pro online account or one of the multi-user plans.

Q: How do you suggest integrating the online version with the desktop Pro version, which I already own?
A: Currently, there is no way to switch from Paper Tiger Online back to the desktop version.

Q: If you already own and have set up the desktop Professional version, how would you suggest integrating with the Online version, or are they designed to be mutually exclusive?
A: Once you have created a Pro Paper Tiger Online account, you can import your desktop database into Paper Tiger Online. Currently we are not able to move you back to the desktop version.

Q: I have the PT Professional in desktop version, how is this transferred seamlessly to on-line version?
A: Instructions for preparing your Paper Tiger desktop database for importing into Paper Tiger Online is in our knowledge base article found at:

If you have trouble importing your database yourself, our tech support team will be able to import it for you. Simply click on the link at the bottom of the knowledge base article to Contact our support team, open a support request and attach your database.

Q: Where do I find the free version. I could only find $5 a month…
A: From the Pricing/Plans page, simply click on the link which is located immediately below the Paper Tiger Online pricing plan boxes that shows FREE FOREVER plan. It looks like this:
We also have a FREE FOREVER plan with 1 database/location/user and 100 items.

Q: On the desktop version we used to export the .csv list out in order to print labels to the dymo label printer, but with the online version we can’t.  Best scenario would be to have a dymo printer option (they provide the SDK for integration) but at a minimum I need a csv format
A: Our developers have received this suggestion for consideration for future enhancements to label printing

Q: Is there a mobile app for iPhone or iPad?
A: We do not have an app, but you might find this knowledge base article helpful to get Paper Tiger Online icon on your device:

Q: What about categories? When do you use the category field?
A: See our knowledge base article at that tells how to use Categories

Q: Can we create a relationship between 2 labels?
A: The best way to create a relationship between 2 labels, is to use the Category section and put them in the same Category.

Q: Can you change data from one database to another?
A: Within the app, data is only allowed to be moved within the same database. If you need to combine 2 or more databases, our tech support team can assist you.

Q: How do you get to reports? Can you please show once more?
A: Please see our knowledge base article regarding Reports:

Q: If we want to add a keyword to multiple items in the desktop version I can enter directly in the field but with online I have to click edit and then change and then accept.  It makes it more difficult.
A: This is currently the best functionality for Paper Tiger Online, however we have given the feedback to our developers for consideration for future enhancements.

Q: What are the differences between the online version and the desktop (CD) version?
A: Basically, the desktop version is a Windows downloadable stand-alone on your PC software. You would be able to access your database from the one computer that you’ve installed onto. With Paper Tiger Online, you would be able to log on from any computer with an internet access. It is a web-based version of the desktop.

Q: Is there a way we can name the files so that when we do a search the archive locations are at the bottom of the search rather than the top.
A: Maybe a bit rudimentary… however, rename Archives to Z-Archives

Q: How do I modify files as things grow and get complex? Going from CONTRACTS to having multiple clients all requiring a CONTRACTS file?
A: Create a Location in your Database strictly for “CONTRACTS”

Q:  Are there any online or offline suggestions for litigation support and law office order?
A:  Using Paper Tiger for legal files can be as simple as any other client files.  Since legal files tend to be extremely cumbersome, you may want to set up Locations for each legal case.

Q: I haven’t used my Paper Tiger Desktop for a while.  Do you still recommend splitting up files into ACTION and REFERENCE files?
A: Absolutely! See our Getting Started with Paper Tiger in the Training Category from our blog.

Q: One challenge we have had with the online version is as follows ~ we have a large cabinet that is a single Location in Paper Tiger.  However, during tax season, we want all the client tax folders in one area (eg. drawer 100 – 300).   I know this defeats the philosophy a bit but in the desktop version we could have the item go into a specific folder.  Now if there are empty locations in the first 100 numbers, it automatically selects that folder.
A: This would take the manual process that I discussed on the call

Q: Is it better to have many small files (one page each) or fewer large file (several pages)?  For example: medical lab test results.
A: It depends on how you work … when setting up new files for Paper Tiger, keep it simple and add lots of keywords.  If it becomes difficult to find files later within the physical file as it is too large or there’s info that you’re sifting through which is just bulk, then create a new file.

Q: How do I setup for a subject to be traced in both the desk drawer and an archive.
A: Add the keywords to both Locations for your desk drawer and archives

Q: Can you move a folder up in the line? Or insert another file in between? Say you started listing file folders and you want to insert a new file in between or move it to the end.
A: Currently in Paper Tiger Online, you cannot move an Item within the same Location. A work-around for this situation is to cut and paste into the open Item number where you want it to be placed, or if the Item number where you want it to be placed is the first available open Item, you can use the Transfer, Duplicate function, then Toss the Item you don’t want.  If however, where you want the file to be placed is already occupied, you would not be able to insert in between. This would make you to have to move all files past that point, and defeats the main purpose of Paper Tiger’s indexing method.

Q: Other than online storage, what are the new features that are not in desktop version 4.x
A: The basic difference between the two versions is that with Paper Tiger desktop version:
- it is a one computer software program, meaning you can only access from the one computer you have it installed onto since it is a licensed downloadable software
- needs to be installed, is a Windows only software. Can only be used on Macs if installed on a virtual Windows program such as Parallels
- database is housed on that one computer, database secure only if the computer is secure
- customer responsible for backing up their database
-upgrades would need to be purchased when next version is available

Our developers tried to make Paper Tiger Online as close to the desktop version as possible, so that the look and feel wouldn’t be too much of a difference for our current users that wanted an online version.

In addition, the most prevalent features we have added to Paper Tiger Online are:
-accessible from any computer with an Internet connection, including Macs and devices such as iPad, iPhone, etc. (not tied to one computer and no installation)
-because Paper Tiger Online is accessible from any computer with an Internet access, clients can find or file from anywhere.
-search result highlights the searched word
-ability to choose multiple items to either toss or edit the Action Date
-ability to create a new item in a selected item number
-dashboard shows a running log of changes/activity the user had made to their database
-we will be able to provide enhancements to the online version as they become available that are not possible with the current desktop version
-we automatically backup the databases every night on our secure servers hosted by Rackspace
-does not require installation, so account set up and ready to work in about 60 seconds.

There are 2 videos on our ‘Why Paper Tiger‘ webpage at that you might find helpful.


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