February 16th: Paper Tiger Webinar with Anne McGurty




February 16th Ask the Paper Tiger Expert Webinar




With Anne McGurty

CEO, Strategize and Organize

Whether you are a beginner or experienced user of Paper Tiger, learn the fundamental uses and overview on Paper Tiger Online.

In this webinar, Anne McGurty, productivity expert, professional speaker, author, and a Paper Tiger expert, took us through some specific examples in how to use Paper Tiger.

She is using Paper Tiger Online, and you will see her screen while she is inputting information into Paper Tiger’s database and she shows you how to use Paper Tiger more effectively. If you are a beginner, you can learn the basics and get going right away.

Q&A from the Webinar

Q: Can reports be copied to Excel for easier sorting (alpha, numerical, other categorical)?
A: In Paper Tiger Online, reports cannot be copied or exported to an Excel spreadsheet, however your Reports function will allow you to sort alphabetically or numerically by selecting how you want to sort from the advanced options function before generating a report. You can also choose to print only a Category list for each individual Category if you wish

You can also export your database to a .xml file then import it to Excel if you want to do that.

Q: Can the program be used for organizing only virtual files?
A: Our developers are currently working to provide an enhancement that will allow you to search your scanned and other electronic files. We hope to have this available in Paper Tiger Online by this summer.
Q: If not, what do you recommend?
A: The only way to make Paper Tiger work to organize electronic files in it’s current format, is to treat your electronic or scanned documents as if they were paper. You would need to make the decision as to how you want documents filed, including ‘naming system’ (how you want documents named.)

In the Paper Tiger database, Location is a physical Location for storing Folders, such as a file cabinet or a desk drawer that relates to a Location within the Paper Tiger filing software. Item Name is the descriptive name you give a hanging folder or in your case, an electronic folder.

You would decide how to name your ‘Location’ electronic folders, then have the same Location name in the Paper Tiger database. Once your document is scanned and named according to your decided ‘naming system procedure’, then you could input the document name into the Item Name field and as many keywords as possible relating to each document into the Keywords section of the Paper Tiger database.

Whenever you need to find an item then, you would be able to search Paper Tiger, which would direct you back to your electronic file folder location.

Q: Can this system be used for shops and or non paper filing materials?
A: If we understand this question correctly; Yes, Paper Tiger can be used to index other items. It is not just for paper filing. See our Not Just For Paper Filing web page.

Q: Could you review the best uses for Categories?
A: Please see our knowledge base article for What are Categories?

Q: Does the online version of Paper Tiger in any way synch with a locally-installed version?
A: No

Q: I have 20 years of files, reports, binders, etc…any advice on the very first thing that I should do to get started?  I have bought the desktop version, think it will be the answer to my prayers….just not sure where the best to start would be.
A: See our blog posts at Customize Your Filing System with Paper Tiger’s Indexing Method and at A Guide to Converting to Paper Tiger.

Q: Can you mark a file that is removed, say to give to a colleague, so that you know that the file is out, so that you don’t forget to get it back?
A: You can make a note in either the Keywords section or the Notes section as to who has taken the file and maybe mark the Action Date for when you should follow up with them to make sure it has been re-filed or to get it back.

Q: I have books all over the house. Can I say for each particular book where to find it?
A: Yes, you can indicate in the Keywords section or the Notes section as to where each individual book is located.

Q: Can you enter more than one category?
A: No, only one Category can be assigned per Item.

Q: I already use my own indexed filing system using folders and subfolders I have created and numbered in Windows Exporer. May I dictate to Paper Tiger my own existing index data so that both systems match?
A: No, when you add an item to Paper Tiger, the database assigns the first available Item number.

Q: I have three categories. 1) Personal Development 2) Professional Development 3) Marriage Development  — Subfolder examples are 1.4 Finances. Another example is 2.3 Quarterly Review Notes. — Can Paper Tiger help me file these with the same item number I have already assigned?
A: No, when you add an item to Paper Tiger, the database assigns the first available Item number.

Q: Is it best to set up PT after you’ve already determined what categories/folders/files you are keeping, e.g., after you’ve already pruned?
A: Some people already have files set up in desk drawers and cabinets, and it’s a matter of indexing what you already have and updating as you add new files. You can purge as you go through each file folder indexing in Paper Tiger.

For those that have a mess and no consistent system in place, it is best to separate the stacks into like-files/categories so you can see what you’ve got. Then decide the best way to file and index those stacks.

Q: What version of paper tiger are you using?
A: Paper Tiger Online Pro

Q: Can we ensure that item numbers are generated in increments of 5 example- 100, 105, 110, 120
A: When you add an item to Paper Tiger, the database assigns the first available Item number. Item numbers are in sequential order in increments of 1, i.e., 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, etc.

Q: Will you be providing upgrades to desktop version keeping in with the changes/enhancements being done to online version?
A: Our plans are to continue providing upgrades to the desktop version, however there will be some things that we can do with the online version that will not be possible with the desktop version.

Q: So the labels on folders will be index-style, e.g., 1,2,3,… instead of descriptive?
A: Yes

Q: When we detect multiple files with different Item numbers pertaining to the same subject, how do you merge those item numbers? How do you associate multiple items numbers together?
A: The Pro and multi-user plans have the ‘Find First’ function, which shows when there are similar files. Our knowledge base article, How do I use Find First? shows how this works.

Q: Can we create a relationship between 2 labels?
A: You can use the Category section to create a relationship between multiple items.

Q: Any plans to have multiple sub-items held within a folder (e.g., several different documents held within Janet’s hanging folder)
A: We currently do not have plans to have the option for sub-items, but will put this on the list of suggestions for consideration. Currently, you can input information relating to any sub-items or folders into the Keywords section.

Q: We have several people who think differently; some think inside the box and some outside the box. How do you find the keyword that will work for all?
A: The key here is to put all keywords that you can think of that relates to the item being indexed. Ask for input or have the other users input additional keywords in relation to how they think about the items being indexed.

Q: Why not use the alphabet instead of numbers for small uses of the paper tiger?
A: You can file alphabetically with Paper Tiger by re-sorting the Item Name header, however to use Paper Tiger as it is intended is the most convenient in how the software works.

Q: I would rather use the alphabet than numbers in filing
A: See our blog posts:

Alphabetic Method for Paper Tiger Desktop Version

Alphabetic Method for Paper Tiger Online

Q: You seem to be using the Keywords field for two different things. 1) Keywords that can be used for searching and 2) notes about what the file is about…I don’t understand using it as a notes field
A: The Keywords field can be used for any information that you need or want to input. The more information, the better for your search later. This is totally up to the user and how the individual thinks and works.

Q: I notice that your demo is on the online version of Paper Tiger. I own the stand alone, does everything you’ve been showing also go well for the stand alone version?
A: Yes, except there are a few differences in the way the 2 versions function.

Q: I already own the Paper Tiger stand alone version. I note that your demo is on the online version.  Are there differences I should be aware of?
A: The basic differences between the two versions are:

Paper Tiger desktop version:
- it is a one computer software program, meaning you can only access from one computer since it is a licensed downloadable software
- needs to be installed, is a Windows only software. Can only be used on Macs if installed on a virtual Windows program such as Parallels
- database is housed on that one computer, database secure only if the computer is secure
- customer responsible for backing up their database
-upgrades would need to be purchased when next version is available

Paper Tiger Online version:
Our developers tried to make Paper Tiger Online as close to the desktop version as possible, so that the look and feel wouldn’t be too much of a difference for our current users that wanted an online version.

In addition, the most prevalent features we have added to Paper Tiger Online are:
-accessible from any computer with an Internet connection, including Macs and devices such as iPad, iPhone, etc. (not tied to one computer and no installation)
-Because Paper Tiger Online is accessible from any computer with an Internet access, clients can find or file from anywhere.
-search result highlights the searched word
-ability to choose multiple items to either toss or edit the Action Date
-ability to create a new item in a selected item number
-dashboard shows a running log of changes/activity the user had made to their database
-we will be able to provide enhancements to the online version as they become available that are not possible with the current desktop version
-we automatically backup the databases every night on our secure servers
-does not require installation, so account set up and ready to work in about 60 seconds

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