What does the status column tell me?

The status column tells you whether the item is in use or if the item is open. In Use means that the Item Number has been assigned an Item Name. Open means that the Item Number is open for assigning or indexing an item or file.


If you've moved or tossed an item and required confirmation prior to the item being moved, (maybe so that you could be sure the remember to move the item physically to match Paper Tiger or if you wanted to print a Transfer Report prior to move the item physically), then you will need to click on the Confirm box. 


For the desktop version of Paper Tiger, these articles describe the Confirm function: 

How do I empty the trash when trash items are open or in use?

How do I Transfer (move, duplicate, merge) and item?


For Paper Tiger Online: 

How do I empty the Trash?

How do I confirm a Transfer?

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