Where is the best resource for help on getting started filing?

If you need further information on how to use the software and/or help with the conversion of your paper files (this is not technical support – this is usability 'how to use the software' support) to the new Paper Tiger system, there are many options available to you: 

VIDEOS - The Paper Tiger website has Paper Tiger videos that are available for free, that give a good overview of how the system works and valuable tips on how you can approach the conversion of your paper files to the new system.  See our Why Paper Tiger? video, and there are training resources within Paper Tiger Online as well.

WEBINARS – previously recorded webinars taught by qualified instructors are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year for free on our website – you can view these classes at your leisure. These can be found on our blog or click here. Live webinar schedules are also posted in this Webinar blog category, so check back if you want to register for a live webinar.

BLOG - The Paper Tiger Blog has many articles that are helpful in both using Paper Tiger Filing System software for document management and getting organized.

CONSULTANTS – there are Paper Tiger trained professional organizing consultants around the U.S. and abroad, that will work with you either over the phone/virtually or in-person to complete your conversion, setup and training on the new Paper Tiger system.  You will negotiate directly with the consultant regarding their fees. Our Paper Tiger Experts

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