Account (upgrades/invoices) Tab

You can change additional information from the Account (upgrades/invoices) tab, such as your billing information, the organization name on your account, upgrade, etc. Below are the items that can be changed from this Account page. 

  1. From the Dashboard, click the tab entitled "Account (upgrades/invoices)"
  2. To update your billing information, such as change the card your account is charged to, click the link entitled "Update Billing Info". You will complete the form and submit. If you need a previous invoice, request an invoice by emailing and provide the email address in which you sign into your account.
  3. To change your email address in which you sign into your account, click the link to Edit User. You can also change your name and the password on this edit page as well. Your email and password can also be changed from the My Info link at the top of the Dashboard page.
  4. You can upgrade your account from this Accounts page.
  5. If you need to change the name of your organization or company name, you can do so under the section entitled "Change your Organization name here". Simply type in the new name of your company, then click the "Rename Organization" button to the right of the change box.
  6. You can subscribe to our newsletter by clicking the checkbox and then click update.
  7. If you have a multi-user plan, the admin will be able to select someone else in the user drop-down list, then click the button "Make this person the account owner" to change the admin on the account.
  8. If you need to cancel your account, click the link "Please cancel my account and delete all my data". Note that you will need your password, and your database information will be deleted. We CANNOT retrieve this information once you enter your password and submit.






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