Inviting a User to Your Multi-User Account

To share your account with other users, you must invite them to join your account. To invite a user you will need to have their first name, last name and email address. Also please note, the Admin on the account must make sure that at least 1 database, at least 1 location in that database and at least 1 item entered in that location has been initiated prior to inviting users.


  • From the Dashboard Click the “People/Permissions” tab to take you to the user management page.




  • On the user management page, click on one of the available SEATS to add a user.




  • On the add user page enter the first name, last name and email address of the user you want to add.


Note: By default, any invited users are given view and edit privileges to all databases and locations in your account. If you want to limit what the users can see or edit when they first log in, click the “Show databases” link. To learn more about permissions see “How Do Permissions Work” and “Paper Tiger Multi-User Concepts”




  • Once you invite the user an email will be sent to their email address for them to confirm the invitation and create their password to the account

Note: The invited user will have occupied one of the available seats in your account. The grey “Edit User (invited)” shows that the user’s account is pending activation.







  • After the invited user clicks the link provided in the email, their account will be created and will be asked to set their password. After setting their password, the user will automatically be logged into their account.



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