How to Set User Permissions

Permissions are used to determine the view or edit privileges that users have to databases and locations in your account. Permissions can be granted in three ways, although they all work the same:

  1. During account creation you can set permissions for the invited user
  2. From the 'People/Permissions' tab, on the 'manage user' page, by clicking the Edit user link for a certain user
  3. From the 'People/Permissions' tab, on the 'manage user' page, by clicking the 'Change permissions' link. From here you can view and edit the permissions of all users in your account.

Please note: Before inviting users to the account, the administrator of the Paper Tiger Online account will need to create a database, at least 1 location in that database, and at least 1 item in the location. If this is not done first, the users invited will either get a blank screen or an error message when they try to sign in.

Edit User Page




The change Permissions Page




To change permissions:

  1. Next to far right of the user name in the permissions section, click the “Show databases” link to see all the databases. To the right of each database name you can click the “show locations” link to view all the locations within that database
  2. To assign permissions, check the databases and locations you want the user to view only, or view and edit, un-check the databases and locations that you do not want the user to view or view and edit.



To learn more about permissions please reference “About Permissions”

In the image below, the user Sally Black has been assigned the following permissions.

  • View and Edit privileges on all locations in the Roswell Office database
  • View Only permission to the Downtown office database
  • View and Edit privileges to the Drawer A location, and ONLY view permissions to the Drawer B location in the Client Information Database.


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