Collision Detection

To maintain consistency between users in your account, Paper Tiger multi-user comes with collision detection. More than one user making changes to the same open item at the same time, can lead to confusion and cause your physical items and Paper Tiger to fall out of sync.

With collision detection the chances of this occurring are very slim. Collision detection works by alerting a user who is trying to make changes to the same item that another user changed while they both had the item open. This is done by tracking the time when an item is opened and closed. Detection works by marking the exact time a user accesses an item for edit and the time when the user saves and closes the item. The system looks at the time when any changes were made to the item and compares it to the time when the other users accessed the item. IF the user's access time is before the item was changed by another user, then collision detection will be triggered. The user attempting to make changes after changes were already made will receive an alert about what is happening and the option to save the item using with the choices below:


  • ORIGINAL ITEM: Keep the item as it existed before ANY changes were made, even by the first user.
  • THEIR CHANGES: Save the item using the changes made by the user who saved first.
  • YOUR CHANGES: Save the items with your changes.
  • MERGED CHANGES: Save the item using my changes and the other user's changes as well. Note that the other user's changes will be appended to the end of your changes for item name, keywords and notes. Category and action date changes will reflect the changes you have made.

An example of collision detection in action


Jamie is editing an item at 4:52pm



Nicholas is editing the same item at 4:52pm



Jamie saved her item before Nicholas. When he tries to save he receives an alert




Nicholas chooses to merge Jamie's changes with his.



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