Paper Tiger Multi-User Concepts


Seats are used to represent the number of available user spaces you have available in your account. You will be able to see who on  your team occupies each seat once an invited user creates their password for log in.

Business accounts have 10 available seats, Elite accounts have 30 available seats, and Unlimited accounts have unlimited seats

The admin/account owner automatically occupies one of the available seats.


Admin or Account Owner

This is the primary account owner who created the account. Only the Admin has full privileges over the account to:

  1. Invite, edit and delete users.
  2. Assign account permissions for each user for 'No View', 'View Only' or 'View/Edit' in each Database and in each Location.
  3. Create, Import or Delete Databases.
  4. Change account settings, and billing information.

It is possible for the Admin to make another user the account owner/admin by clicking the Accounts tab on the Dashboard. From the Accounts page scroll down, and you will see the area where you can do this.


Account users (non Admin)

These are users who the account owner invites to be part of the organization account. Invited users must be assigned privileges by the admin in order to view or edit databases or locations.



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