How do I decide where a location should be?

locations.png Locations are the physical areas where you store your documents, files and other items. Each physical location corresponds to a Paper Tiger Location. Use Paper Tiger Online to organize and manage the way you store your items in your physical locations. This will put an end to searching filling cabinets, storage areas, and garages for items you can't remember where you put them.

Start with a physical location or type of files, such as:

Desk Drawers would be the physical location or you could also name this Location Action Files which would be the type of files in this Location.

Another Location named Reference Files (type of files) could be the files in your filing cabinet in the office. If you wanted to name this Location relating to the physical location instead, it could be File Cabinets or Office Files.

You might have a Location named Book Shelf to index your binders and/or books.

Simply input information relating to each item into the respective Location, then when you need something, search in Paper Tiger to find anything in 5 seconds or less!  Paper Tiger works just like a search engine for your paper files and other items that you want to get organized to be able to locate quickly!


When choosing your physical locations, it is best if the most frequently accessed items are close and easily accessible. For example, the items you use everyday, locate in a desk drawer. Action items in a convenient desk drawer or box file on top of your desk. Other items you access less frequently in a file cabinet, etc.

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