What is an Item?

Item Name is the descriptive name you give a hanging folder or other item you are indexing. An Item is what you would call the item being indexed. “Museum Board Directory” might be the Item Name you give a folder that contains a current phone and address list of museum board members. “Sales Reports” might be the Item Name you choose for a Folder containing each regional sales reports. A Folder or Item Name labeled “Warranties” might include sub-files for “Electronics,” “Major Appliances,” and “Outdoor Equipment.” Your Item Name might also be the names of Books, CDs, DVDs, Collection Items, etc. See also the Many Uses of The Paper Tiger, which might be helpful to you.

An Item in Paper Tiger consists of Item Name, Keywords, Category, Action Dates and Notes etc. We call it Item instead of File, because Paper Tiger can index so much more than paper.

1. Item Name: Type in the Item Name.  If there is a duplicate name in the database when typing in the item name, a flag will appear and will show you the number of possible duplicate names. You can decide to merge this new item into one of the items already in Paper Tiger or create the new item.

2. Keywords: Type all keywords associated with the item, such as receipts or contracts.  When you need to find the item later, you can search for these words.  The more keywords you enter, the easier it will be to find the item later.

3. Category: If this item falls into a category, tab to the Category field and type the category. Category is a word or words you may use to classify groups of related Folders. For example, you may use the Category “Benefits” to classify the Folders, “401K,” “Stock Options,” and “Day Care.” The Category, “Services,” might include Folders for “Accountant,” “Graphic Artist,” and “Organizing Consultant.”

4. Action Dates: If there is a future date in which you want to review this item, or if this item will require your action, tab to the Action Date field and type the date or click on the button to the right of the field to select a date. 


When entering the Item Name, if there is a duplicate name in the database, a window will show that you have duplicate names already to help you eliminate duplicate entering of items. You can decide to merge this new item into the item already in Paper Tiger or create the new item.

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