How do I delete an item?


Delete an Item means that moving the Item or Toss the Item to the Trash Location. If you want the Item again, you can restore it from the "Trash" location before the Trash is emptied.

Note: To empty the Trash, your password is required. After the Trash has been emptied, the Item(s) cannot be restored. 

Procedure to delete an item:

1. Open Paper Tiger Online and select the required Database.

2. Conduct a search for the Item or select the Location from the  Jump to a Location  drop-down list, where you want to delete the Item.

3. Select the required item in the Location that you want to delete.

Note: If you don’t select an Item, the Toss button will not be activated. 

4. Click on the Trash Can to the left of the Item or click the "Toss" button.

5. Then it will display a pop-up window, asking if you want to require confirmation(s).

6. Select the required option and click on "Toss" button.

7. Then the item will be removed from the original Location. Note: If you requested to require confirmation, the item will be in pending toss and will not be removed from the Location until you click on the Confirm box and click to confirm the toss.


You can select multiple Items to be tossed, then click on the Toss button in the upper right corner. The Trash Can to the left of the Items will only delete one Item at a time.








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