How long does it take to import my database?


On average it should take about 5-10 minutes to import a database. This could change depending on your file size. When sending your database file to us for importing, we will import within 24 hours on business days.

See also How do I prepare my database for importing to Paper Tiger Online

If you need to know where your database is located, please see our knowledge base article Where can I find my Paper Tiger Database Backups? 

NOTE: There is a difference between uploading a file and importing a file. Uploading is transferring a file from one computer to another through a network. Importing is the process of taking an uploaded file and extracting the information to re-create the original database. The time it takes to import a database is different from the time it takes to upload the file. Upload time depends on the following:


1.  Network problems


2.  File Size

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    Permanently deleted user

    Helpful information; would be great if this was included on the initial instructions for importing database.

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