How do I prepare my database for importing to Paper Tiger Online?

How do I Prepare my Database for Paper Tiger Online?


In order to import your existing database into Paper Tiger Online, you will have to make sure of a couple of things before we can import your database. Follow this guide from start to finish. You will first clear all pending items from your database, and then create a backup file to upload to Paper Tiger Online.

1. Clear all pending transfers

In order to clear all pending transfers, do the following:

  1. Open The Paper Tiger
  2. Click on the "Confirm" button

  3. Either confirm or cancel all the pending transfers


2. Empty the Trash

  1. See this knowledge base article for instructions on emptying the Trash in Paper Tiger.


3. Export Your Database to .CSV File

1. Open Paper Tiger and the appropriate database.

2. From the File menu, select Export. 

3. Check the Select All box. 

4. Click the Browse button to select the preferred directory so that you will know where the file will be saved to and type in a file name for the CSV file, click the Save or Open button. We suggest you save it on your desktop so that you can find it later!

See this knowledge base Export section for images with instructions on how to export a Paper Tiger database to .CSV file 

4.  Send Your Database to Paper Tiger Support

Now that you have the latest backup file and you know where to find it, you should be ready to import your database into Paper Tiger Online.

Click on the 'Submit A Request' tab above or email your database to Attach your .CSV database file and be sure to let us know the email in which your Paper Tiger Online account was created under. We will import your database for you.


Note: effective 7/31/2014, we can not guarantee import of version 3.0 or older databases (".PTD" Paper Tiger Database Backup File). 

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