I have Paper Tiger 4.0, how can I update to 4.1?

The best and most efficient way to update from Paper Tiger 4.0 is to go to our update page. On that page you will need to select the product edition and build version that you have to receive links to the pertinent installation documents for each version (Basic, Professional, and Network) of Paper Tiger Filing System Software. You will need your serial number.

You can also email Please provide the name you are registered with us, along with the address and phone number. 

Note, when installing on Windows 7 or 8, you may see a couple of extra screens:

a. When attempting to install Paper Tiger you may see a screen that ask you to Run Anyway or Don't Run. Just click the "more info" link and select "Run Anyway"
b. During installation you may see three screens for Program Compatibility Assistant. Just click "Run the program without getting help".
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