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  • What are the advantages of using Paper Tiger?
    • Paper Tiger software is a powerful paper filing system that uses the power of your computer to help you get your file cabinets organized and stay organized. Office filing does not need to overwhelm your staff and cause frustration.
    • If document management is a challenge for your company, this product can make your life much easier. Difficulties with getting organized, filing systems and paper management can cause you or your employees to waste up to 150 hours per year!
    • You'll immediately spend less time shuffling paper and more time being productive. You can now get organized and practice better time management.
    • Paper Tiger software is a simple, yet powerful indexing method. Keep your paper in its original form (you do not have to scan it) and use the power of the computer to quickly and easily find/share the information when you need it. You get all of the best things from the computer, but do not have the problems of using a scanner. The system works just like a search engine for your paper files and other items!
    • Paper Tiger is not only for your paper files, but for any item that you can put a number to. That's why we not only call Paper Tiger a filing system or document management system, but a "finding system."
    • It is simple to learn, has great training resources (very important if you have staff turnover and need to train new employees) and it works. See the features that make Paper Tiger great for managing paper.
    • Here's the advantages of Paper Tiger and what the software can do for you:
  1. Much less time consuming - setup, conversion & on-going maintenance.
  2. Can input all documents - bound materials, original contracts, etc.
  3. Does not destroy original documents - you keep the original paper.
  4. Less expensive - use your existing equipment more efficiently.
  5. No machines to break - you are using existing equipment.
  6. Database corruption is possible - however printed index is kept.
  7. Secure - not easily stolen, as files are indexed and file cabinets are heavy!
  8. Low learning curve - simple to learn in 30 minutes or less.
  9. Streamline your office and lower your stress level
  10. Allow you to easily share information in your office (network edition)
  11. Transform your files into a valuable, instantly-retrievable resource
  12. Eliminate duplication of information
  13. Get fast reaction to audits or other legal actions, because you can actually find what you need, when you need it!
  14. Reduce disruption from employee turnover
  15. Make you more responsive to your customers
  16. Make filing! - make filing less of a chore!
  17. Manage paper files and other items. Basically, anything you can number, you can Paper Tiger! - use for more than filing paper documents - can be used to index CDs, DVDs, Collectors Items, Books/Binders, Storage Containers, Inventory items for home/office/other, etc.


  • How do I start using or migrate to Paper Tiger Online?
    • First, click the Create an Account button.
    • Log in with the user name and password you set up.
    • From the Dashboard, click on Create a New Database or Import an Old Database. Existing Paper Tiger desktop software users can import an old Paper Tiger database from their .ptd or .bak file. Name the database whatever you want to see it named on the Dashboard.
    • If you're new to Paper Tiger, you will begin by creating Locations. In Paper Tiger database, Location relates to where you will store your physical items (paper files, books, CDs, DVDs, storage boxes, etc) This can be named anything you want - however you relate to what you are indexing, i.e., Office files, Home files, Action files, Reference files, House, Basement, Garage, etc.  Paper Tiger uses Locations to represent these places where you store the items you want to be able to find later. 
    • Then begin entering information relating to the items you wish to index within the Location(s) you create. Paper Tiger Locations are made up of Item Names, Description, Capacity and Review Frequency. 
    • To speed up the conversion process, we suggest you have an assistant to help you key into Paper Tiger as you dictate the Location, Item Name and keywords of each item. You can then be free to write on each item the Location number and file the item. The best advice to mastering the art of indexing and organizing using Paper Tiger is to start small and slowly expand. Break it down into chunks by setting up one location and adding items till the job is done or allotted time has passed and/or move onto the next location. As you add items, be sure to describe them in Paper Tiger and give descriptive Keywords to make your searches easier. The beauty of Paper Tiger is that related documents do not need to be physically filed together. You can use the Category function to categorize them together in Paper Tiger. Also, see this blog post A Guide to Converting to Paper Tiger.

  • What browsers can I use to access Paper Tiger?
    • Internet Explorer 7 and newer
    • Mozilla Firefox 3 and newer
    • Safari 3 and newer
    • Google Chrome 4 and newer


  • How many users can use my account?
  • Paper Tiger has several plans. The Free, Basic or Pro plans are individual plans and are only one user. 
  • If you need multiple users to access your Paper Tiger database, please see our Plans/Pricing page and select the plan that best suits your office needs. The Business plan allows 2-10 users, the Elite plan allows 11-30 users and the Unlimited plan is for 31 or more users)


  • Where do I sign up for a free Paper Tiger Online account?
    • From the Pricing/Plans page, simply click on the link that is located immediately below the Paper Tiger Online pricing plan boxes that shows FREE FOREVER plan. I looks like this: 

We also have a FREE FOREVER plan with 1 database/location/user and 100 items.


  • Can I access Paper Tiger using my cell phone?


    • Paper Tiger Online has been tested on iPhone and Android operating systems and access can be made from these devices. Others have not been tested.


Can I get training to use Paper Tiger?

    • We have training resources on our website at no cost.
    • You can receive additional in person or virtual training from our Paper Tiger Experts. Paper Tiger Experts are independent businesses, so please contact them directly for pricing information. Many Paper Tiger Experts offer an initial consultation at no charge.


  • Do you have any Affiliate or Reseller programs??
    • Please see our affiliates program page for instructions on how to apply at
    • Our affiliate program in which we offer 15% commission from sales made on our website referred from your website with our Affiliate link.
    • Our Experts program are those who have previously sold Paper Tiger desktop version, are indeed experts using Paper Tiger and are actively selling Paper Tiger Online. These Experts will have the opportunity to be published on our website Experts page.
    • We offer the opportunity for both our Resellers and Experts to offer Paper Tiger Online to their clients at 30% commission.
    • We offer the opportunity for both our Resellers and Experts to publish their expertise on our blog for additional exposure and SEO. Blog posts are included in our weekly or bi-monthly e-newsletters. Contact if you wish to become a Reseller or a Paper Tiger Expert or if you want to submit a blog post relative to how you use Paper Tiger, or relating to organizing or productivity.
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