How to connect Paper Tiger-Digital Tiger Online to your Google Drive Account


To connect your Digital Tiger Account to Google Drive, you must first open a paid single user Paper Tiger Online account. (Note: Digital Tiger is not available in Multi-user accounts.)

Below are the steps for connecting your Google Drive Account:

1. Log into your Paper Tiger Online Account 

2. Click on the Accounts (upgrades/invoices) tab.



3. Locate the link to 'Connect your Paper Tiger account to Google Documents'



4. Click the Grant Access button from your Google Account.

Notice: You will see this message on the Google Accounts page: "The application that directed you here claims to be "Paper Tiger Digital". We are unable to verify this claim as the application runs on your computer, as opposed to a website. We recommend you deny access unless you trust the application."
Please go ahead and click on the "Grant Access" button to activate Digital Tiger. Your Google account is secure and we do not collect your information in any way -- this is just a standard warning that Google sends to you as a precaution. Contact us at, if you have any questions.


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