What Is Digital Tiger?



Works with Paper Tiger Online

Digital Tiger, powered by Google Drive, is designed to work seamlessly with Paper Tiger Online (Basic or Pro plans). By using the two products, Digital Tiger and Paper Tiger, together you will be able to find scanned documents (PDFs), digital files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) and your paper documents with one search. This will allow you to get you and your team truly organized and stop wasting time looking for lost information.

Paper Tiger is for indexing the paper files that you need to keep in hard copy format and other physical items, such as instruction booklets, or CDs, DVDs, Books, home or office inventory and/or storage, etc. Paper Tiger Online connects to Google Drive to activate Digital Tiger. To further explain, Digital Tiger is a free add-on with a paid Paper Tiger Online Basic or Pro account, and is the function that connects your Paper Tiger Online account to your Google Drive account, then you will be able to search from Paper Tiger to find both your paper/physical items ​that you've indexed into Paper Tiger ​and your digital files​ that you store in Google Drive​. Google Drive is the digital file storage location, where you would create, scan or upload your digital files through a Gmail or Google mail account.

Least Expensive Online Storage!

Because Digital Tiger uses Google Drive for its storage engine, you will be able to purchase the needed digital file storage space from Google at an unbelievable price. Google Drive is by far the least expensive way to store your information in the cloud. Compared to other digital file management or document management systems on the market, you could save thousands of dollars per year. The basic plan with Google Drive is FREE and you can purchase more digital storage if needed! It is an unbelievable deal. See Google's Digital Storage Prices

Stable & Safe Company

If the company storing your data goes away overnight, so does all of your digital files! It is very important to have your data stored in a place that you feel is not only stable, but also a safe place to house your precious data. The entire system must be redundant (Google system is very redundant with an 99.9% guaranteed uptime), secure and the company is stable.

Supports Many Scanners

If you are looking to convert your paper files to digital PDFs, you will need a scanner. The scanner you purchase should be able to directly work with your storage engine, without any additional steps on your part. It is much too time consuming to scan in images and then upload them manually. Because Google Drive is so popular, many name brand scanners are now supporting direct input into the Google Drive system. The scanner software will create the PDF, convert the PDF to a searchable format using OCR (optical character recognition) and then upload the file into Google Drive in one simple process, saving you enormous amounts of time and making the process more enjoyable.


Use Google Apps

One of the most awesome things about Digital Tiger using Google Drive is that when you store your digital files, you will also be able to work on the files in the same location that they are stored. Google Drive is part of the Google Eco System that includes Google Apps - there are modules to perform word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, email, calendar, to-do list, contacts, photos, music, etc. This makes it very easy to work on the files you are storing in Google Drive.


Click here to learn more about how Google Drive works.


Share - Collaborate

Google Drive makes sharing and/or collaborating on your digital files very easy. Now you can scan in your paper and immediately share the PDFs with your business associates.

Scaleable Storage & Everything In One Place

Not only is the cost to use Google Drive extremely inexpensive, but you can purchase as much storage as you need with the click of a mouse. As you convert some or all of your paper files to PDF and load your other digital files into the system, you can easily and cheaply add additional storage as your needs increase.

Mobile Devices

Google Drive works very well with mobile devices including the Apple iPad, Apple iPod Touch, Apple iPhone, Android phones and most other web-enabled devices.

Backup Offsite & Local Sync

Google Drive (all your digital files) can even be backed up offline to your local computer or you can select another service that will automatically and constantly backup all your files stored in Google Drive (including your GMail - Google Mail) to another entirely different system for safekeeping. In addition, if you've installed Google Drive for your Mac/PC My Drive syncs to the Google Drive folder on your computer. This will make it extremely easy to keep your files on your local computer and those in your Google cloud in sync. This way you can view and use your files locally, but have the benefits of the cloud when you need it..

Plays Nice with Others & The Future

We chose Google Drive to power Digital Tiger, because Google is constantly improving their applications and other software companies are constantly integrating into Google Drive. If you choose Google Drive, you will be storing your digital files on a system that many other online software applications work with and you will be setting yourself up for enhanced productivity for the future.

Using the Digital Tiger feature in Paper Tiger Online, (Basic or Pro plans), to connect to your Google Drive, will allow you to search for your physical items that you've indexed into Paper Tiger, as well as your digital files that you store in your Google Drive.

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