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Updated 10/22/2015

With Digital Tiger you can search both your paper documents and other physical items you've indexed into your Paper Tiger database, and your digital files in Google Drive* in one step. To present the information, we have divided the search results into two categories.


Green Box - Searchable digital files (File name and content is fully searchable)

The green box displays results for files which are fully searchable, which means Digital Tiger searches content and file name of the digital files you've uploaded to your Google Drive.


Blue Box - Paper Tiger results (Physical files indexed in your Paper Tiger database)

This is where your Paper Tiger results are displayed.




* Because Google Drive is a digital file storage location, it allows you to upload and save any file type you choose. When uploading digital files to your Google Drive, you have the choice of converting those files to Google Docs format. If you choose to convert your digital files, Google Docs is the format in which your digital files are stored in your Google Drive. See this Google Drive Upload Files and Folders knowledge base article for more information regarding uploading digital files. 

Previous to 10/22/2015, if you chose not to convert all of your digital files to Google Docs format, an additional folder was created in your Google Drive, and these non-Google Docs files would show in this collection entitled 'Digital_Tiger_Conversion', which are added to this collection when you conducted a search from Paper Tiger Online that allowed you to decide if you wanted to convert these files in this collection to Google Docs format or leave in their original file format. Note: do not delete this collection. Since the update, the files not in Google Docs format are no longer collected into this folder. If you no longer want this folder in your Google Drive, first MOVE the digital files from this folder to your Google Drive. When this 'Digital_Tiger_Conversion' folder is empty, then you can delete the folder. If you delete this folder prior to emptying it, the files collected in this folder will be deleted. 

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