Deleting your Google Docs account

If you delete your Google Account, you'll no longer have access to Google Docs. You'll also lose any preferences associated with your Google Account for other services, such as Google Groups or Google Alerts. If the account is associated with a Gmail address, you'll also no longer be able to access that email account.

Additionally, after you delete your account, it's possible that residual copies of your files could take up to 30 days to be deleted from Google's active servers and may remain in Google's backup systems for up to an additional 60 days.

Instructions for deleting a Google Account are posted in the Google Accounts help center.

When an account is deleted, all spreadsheets, documents and presentations owned by that account will no longer be accessible by collaborators and viewers. Learn how to assign a new owner before deleting your account.


If you use Google Apps, your administrator is the only person who can delete your account. If you experience any difficulties with your accounts, please contact your Google Apps administrator.

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