What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is an optional extension for Google email account holders that allows an account holder to synchronize files on multiple devices .  

Google Drive provides an expansion of Google Services which allows an account holder to download a folder to their personal device(s), such as, Laptop, Mobile Phone, iPad, etc., in order to save/store files into the folder which are synched into their Google Drive account within the clients email.  Google Drive is compatible with the Mac and Windows operating systems.  


As an Example:

A Client who uses Google Drive, will proceed in this instance with a scenario of 2 devices.


1.  Client will install Google Drive onto their Device(s)

2.  During installation, client will be asked to provide a destination for the folder as well as a name

3.  After installation, a client can take a file on their personal device, drag and drop or copy and paste the file into the Google Drive Folder

4.  After placing the file in the Google Drive Folder that is on the device (Desktop, My documents, etc.), the client can then log into their respective Gmail account and will notice the file they just placed into the folder on their device is now stored within their Google Drive account which was renamed from Docs to Drive after install.


For more information regarding Google Drive please follow the links below:

Overview of Google Drive:

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