Activate Digital Tiger Search

By default Digital Tiger results are not automatically included in your search results. To perform a Digital Tiger search you must be inside any one of your databases and either have permanently activated digital search in your "Database preferences" or temporarily from the "Advanced Search" section of the search bar.

Because the preference for making Digital Tiger search permanent is Database specific you must activate the feature for each database that you wish to search both Digital and Paper Files. Temporary searches can be made in any database but only lasts for one search. You will need to re-select Digital search when making another Digital Tiger search.

Digital Tiger Search - Permanent setting

1. Within your Database go to Database Preferences



2. Under "Activate Digital Search" select "Yes. Show Digital results"




Temporary Digital Search

1. Above the Search bar, click "Show advanced search" (Note: Advanced Search is not available in the Basic plan)



2. In the advanced search menu, check the "Search Digital Tiger" box.


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