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Google understands that secure products are instrumental in maintaining the trust you place in their service and strive to create innovative products that both serve your needs and operate in your best interest.

As one of the largest internet service providers, Google's security is very complex and continuously evolving to meet the threats that arise everyday. Keeping up with the exact information security implementation can be mind boggling and confusing.

Use the links below for information about Google's Security:

  1. Google Security Philosophy: Google Security and Product Safety
  2. Security Blog: Google Online Security
  3. Google Account Security: Advanced Sign-in
  4. Account Security: Privacy and Security
  5. Two step verification: Learn more

As information, Digital Tiger will only connect to Google Docs, so Digital Tiger does not actually store your data. All data will be housed on Google's secure servers. Below is additional information from Google's website regarding security and privacy:

"Information security is a top priority at Google, and we employ dedicated teams with experts in their fields to handle these important areas. Your files are, by default, set to private, but you can choose to publish them to the Web or invite collaborators or viewers. Your files will not appear in Google Web Search results, but published files may appear in other search engines.

If you are working in a Google Apps domain, your files are, by default, set to your domain's default setting. This setting might not be private, but you can make your docs private when you create or upload a doc or file. Additionally, to help keep your data private, it's important to have a strong password, to not share that password with others, and to understand the sharing options in Google Docs."

Below is a concluding statement issued by Google in their Google Apps security whitepaper which is found at in case you need more information:

"Google is committed to keeping the information stored on its computer systems safe and secure. Each of the ten components of Google’s multi-layered security strategy is endorsed and defended throughout the organization. Google Apps provides controls at each level of data storage, access, and transfer. Millions of organizations, including Google, run their businesses on Google Apps, and Google invests in that trust every day. With Google Apps, users can rest assured that Google values the privacy, confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their data."

Another article regarding Google Security:

How Does Google Protect Your Data in The Cloud?

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