What is a scanning service?

A scanning service will do any paper scanning for you at a monthly or one-time fee. People choose scanning services when they want to have a lot of paper documents scanned, but don't have the time or the equipment to scan it themselves. Scanning paper documents to digital files yourself can be time consuming and expensive, especially if you need to purchase a scanner. Paying for a scanning service allows businesses to have all of their documents scanned without committing time, and without the overhead of buying a scanner.


Benefits of a Scanning Service might include:

Can Save Time

Since you don't have to do the scanning yourself, you're left with time to do more important things - like running your business.


Provide Professional Service

Such companies are good at what they do - and provide high quality and consistent scans. They provide good results and verify each scan to make sure there are no errors in format or clarity. They also provide specialized scanning services for unique requests.

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