What About Cloud Computing - Putting My Data in the Cloud?

The decision to move to 'the cloud' is a decision that more and more people make everyday. Cloud computing allows you to use the application on the web from wherever you are and not be tied to one computer location as with desktop software, which makes collaboration easier and enhances productivity and work-flow.

Cloud companies have nearly unlimited storage and resources, and because the servers are usually backed up in multiple locations and every precaution is taken to ensure your data remains safe, you can focus your time and energy on your business instead of worrying about backing up your data in-house, what kind of storage do you need to back up your data onto, how much storage do you need, and losing data in the event of a computer crash in your office.                        


According to ExecutiveGov, even the U.S. Federal CIO says, 'Don't Fear the Cloud'

According to, U.S. Federal CIO says, 'Cloud security fears exaggerated...because it preserves the status quo'

Also check out this video produced by Common Craft explaining Cloud Computing in Plain English, "Cloud computing means we have new choices. Businesses and individuals can spend less time worrying about technology and focus on what matters."


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