Searching multiple databases simultaneously or merge two or more databases, how?

In an effort to make a user friendly system; to make file retrieval very easy...since there are so many filing locations in each room, I have made every room a database - this method lists the contents of each room or "Database (property address) has file locations (rooms) and withing those rooms are file locations(desks, cabinets, drawers, shelves, etc.).  I believe it to separate or organize areas better.  1/ It would be OK if i could search all databases at the same time - I believe the software should be able to do this - we are 1 group of people, a family business, and have 3 business locations and 3 residences - if we are looking for example "3 inch galvanized spiral nails" why could we not search all databases simultaneously rather that each one individually? (of course I might search the one where the item was needed first) also, Did I misunderstand that, more than one category can be applied to an item?


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