How do I administer Paper Tiger Network from somewhere other than the server?




In order to administer Paper Tiger Network 4.1 from somewhere other than the Server machine, do the following:


  1. Set up a file share called “PaperTiger PTNetwork41 Backups” folder on the "C:\ “Drive.
  2. Set permissions on the server share to allow the computer/user you will be administering from to have full read/write access. You can read about this here:


This allows files to be transferred between the client and server machines. Certain admin functions such as the Release 4.0 conversion and archiving backup files in the Backup File Manager need to transfer SQL Server backup files back and forth between the client and the server.

If this share is not set up, the only way to do those functions is to install the Paper Tiger client software on the server and do those functions from the server.






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