The Paper Tiger Installation fails on a Windows XP Service Pack 3 Operating System because of MSXML 6

When installing Paper Tiger Filing System software on a computer that has Windows XP Service Pack 3, an error could occur that will keep Paper Tiger from installing correctly.

The error is caused because Service Pack 3 comes with a newer version of a component that Microsoft SQL Express requires, and since the SQL Express 2005 installation will not overwrite a newer file with an older file, the installation will fail.

Traditional methods to remove that component do not work, so here is the workaround:

  1. Download and install the following utility. It is the Windows Installer Cleanup Tool:


  2. Once it installs, you can find the application in your Start Menu under Programs. Open it.

  3. Find the MSXML6 Entry and remove it using the aforementioned tool.

  4. Reboot the computer.

  5. Run the Paper Tiger Setup file, reinstall the application. The SQL installation should go smoothly now.



    Please note that hyperlinks and downloads on this page are third party products developed by a third party vendor to work with the Microsoft Windows systems.

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