Error 13 -- Conversion from string



This error is generated due to a conflict with your Regional and Language Options, and Paper Tiger Date format.  Paper Tiger will only accept date formats that follow this convention "3/23/2011". 



You will need to check and change your Regional and Language Options and ensure that you are using English (United States) Standards.

Changing the Regional and Language Options

You can use the Regional and Language Options tool in Control Panel to customize the way Windows handles dates, times, currency values, and numbers. 

To open the Regional and Language Options tool:

1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.



2. Click Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options, and then click Regional and Language Options.

3. To change the Short date settings, click Customize.

4. Select the last tab Date

5. In the Short Date dropdown box ensure that the date is in the following format:  M/d/yyyy


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