How do I change the font size in Paper Tiger?

Currently, there isn't a font adjustment setting within our Paper Tiger software application. High resolution screen settings on computers does decrease the viewing size of Paper Tiger Desktop Software. To adjust the viewing size within your Paper Tiger Software, below are 2 options.

Option 1 
We believe this is a more efficient way to enlarge the font/viewing of your Paper Tiger Desktop Software. With your Paper Tiger Desktop Software open, simply hold down the CTRL key and use your Mouse Wheel/Keyboard to adjust the font size to your viewing pleasure. These settings will not be saved and will be less of a hassle than altering your entire system's viewing settings. Depending on your system settings, below are multiples ways that you may increase/decrease your viewing pleasure.

Mouse Option 
Ctrl Up for zoom-in 
Ctrl Down for zoom-out

Windows Key Up for zoom-in 
Windows Key Down for zoom-out

Keyboard Option 
Ctrl + (plus sign) to zoom-in 
Ctrl -  (minus sign) to zoom-out

Windows Key + (plus sign) to zoom-in 
Windows Key - (minus sign) to zoom-out


Option 2  

Option 2 would be to adjust your computer system's DPI Settings. Please refer to which documents instructions on how to adjust DPI Settings. These settings will be saved and you will be prompted to restart your system. DPI Settings come in 3 categories:

• Smaller - 100% = 96 DPI (Pixels/Dots Per Inch) 
• Medium - 125% = 120 DPI (Pixels/Dots Per Inch) 
• Larger - 150% = 144 DPI (Pixels/Dots Per Inch)

Note, you may also set your CUSTOM DPI SIZE which is directed within step 6 of the provided documentation.

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