How does The Paper Tiger differ from other document management products?

Unlike scanning-based products, Paper Tiger software is designed to allow users to keep paper in its original form, without the need to use a scanner.

There are some problems with scanning - many documents cannot be easily scanned (bound material, original contracts, non-standard shapes/textures, etc.). Scanning documents can be very time consuming and tedious - scanners are machines - they jam, they break, documents are stapled or bound, documents have handwritten "sticky notes" on them (sticky notes like to "stick" to scanners!), etc. Some people, even after scanning their documents, are afraid to destroy the original paper in case there is ever a problem and keep the paper in archives (thus still keeping the physical documents!)


In addition, Paper Tiger can be used for so much more than just getting paper files organized, such as books, CD & DVD collections, storage containers, etc. See our Not Just For Filing Papers webpage for additional ideas!

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