At first glance, this method looks like it will take me longer to file than with my current alphabetic method, is that true?

You are right, on first glance it looks that way. But actually using Paper Tiger Filing System Software method, it takes much less time to file each day/week. You simply input the item name and relating keywords for each file into the database. Paper Tiger assigns the index file number, and you don't have to worry about what item name you filed it under when you need to retrieve it. Inputting the keywords will save you countless of hours in the long run.

First, you don't have to look for a hanging file folder and the plastic tab, then create the file folder tab with the item name, because ALL of your physical hanging file folders are already setup and in place in your file cabinet ready and waiting for the next paper file or set of files. You can file paper very fast and easy.

Secondly, you don't have to remember what item name you had it filed under because you can write the file number on the documents when they are filed. When you have to re-file them again it takes almost no time at all. 

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