Why do you say I don't have to remember anything with Paper Tiger?

When you input all relevant keywords for an item in Paper Tiger Filing System Software, you will be able to conduct a 'google-like' search in the database to find anything in 5 seconds or less.

The Paper Tiger software has really neat features to let you (or your staff) automatically know if another file exists and makes it very easy to keep the filing straight as you go along with virtually no additional effort and virtually no duplicate files. Using the Paper Tiger software, you will only make the decision on a particular file one time and then due to Paper Tiger software’s powerful index each time a file is removed, re-filing will take no effort and be a snap – almost fun! When you file with the Paper Tiger software, you place a number (either write it directly on the paper or use a "Post It" type sticky note) on each document to be filed. So, the next time you need to re-file the information, you can have anyone put the papers back in the respective hanging file folders...there is no more misfiled information due to person #1 filing it one way and then when person #2 re-filed it, they did it another way.

If everyone filed (and thought) the same way, this would be easy. However, people in an office environment can file things in very different ways. Actually, the same person can file things in a different way on different days – depending on how they are thinking and feeling that day! By using Paper Tiger, this problem is eliminated and all the office information can be quickly found, regardless of who filed it and how they filed it.

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