How does Paper Tiger help us cut costs?

According to experts, the average business person wastes over 150 hours per year just looking for lost information! Paper Tiger helps you cut costs by enabling you to find anything in seconds that you have indexed with relevant keywords.

Return on Investment Calculation (adjust numbers to your specific case):

  • Average cost per hour (including benefits) for an employee's time = $22 (for example purposes).
  • Number of hours lost per year looking for information = 150 (this is just under 3 hours per week on average).
  • Cost this year when you cannot put your hand on information quickly $22*150=$3,300 for just ONE YEAR.
  • Multiply cost per year times number of employees in your organization - if 5 people then the cost is $3,300 times 5 = $16,500 per year (this cost is for every year!).
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