How long will it take us to convert to Paper Tiger?

How long will it take us to convert to Paper Tiger?  How can we speed this up?  How should we approach the conversion task?

Of course, the volume of files that you have will determine the length of time it will take you to convert to Paper Tiger.

To speed up the conversion process, we suggest you have an assistant to help you key into Paper Tiger as you dictate the Location, Item Name and keywords of each item. You can then be free to write on each item the Location number and place the item in file.

The best advice to mastering the art of indexing and getting organized using Paper Tiger, is to start small and slowly expand. Break it down into chunks by setting up one location and adding items till the job is done or allotted time has passed and/or move on to the next location. As you add items, be sure to describe them in Paper Tiger and give descriptive Keywords to make your searches easier. The beauty of Paper Tiger is that related documents do not need to be physically filed together. You can use the Category function to categorize them together in Paper Tiger.

Also, you might find our blog post A Guide to Converting to Paper Tiger helpful. 

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