Can we network multiple users in Paper Tiger Online?

Yes, we have 3 multi-user plans for Paper Tiger Online.


-Business 2-10 user plan for $19.00 per month or $190.00 per year


-Elite 11-30 user plan for $39.00 per month or $390.00 per year


-Unlimited 31+ user plan for $59.00 per month or $590.00 per year



Once subscribed and your database(s) is/are created and/or imported*, you will then be able to invite other users from the People/Permissions tab that will appear on the Dashboard. *If you are a current Paper Tiger desktop user and need to import your current database, you can self-import or have our tech support team import for you. We can only import databases from Paper Tiger desktop version format.

Below are knowledge base links to show you how the multi-user plans look like in inviting users and setting their permissions:


-Paper Tiger Multi-User Concept:


-How Do Permissions Work:


-Inviting a User to Your Account:


-How to Set User Permissions:


-Collision Detection:

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