Paper Tiger Single User Installation Instructions and Download Manager

Install Paper Tiger 4.1 Update: 

1. Be sure to log on as the Windows Administrator (recommended) or with an account that has administrative rights (the Paper Tiger software must be installed by an Administrator) 

2. Disable any anti-virus software along with any other running programs that may interfere with the installation process 

3. Download and Save the latest installer (4.1.29) by going to the Products Download page:

4. Once the download is complete, run the EXE to begin the setup process.  (Click Here For Windows 8 Instructions)

Note, when installing on Windows 7 or 8, you may see a couple of extra screens:

a. When attempting to install Paper Tiger you may see a screen that ask you to Run Anyway or Don't Run. Just click the "more info" link and select "Run Anyway"
b. During installation you may see three screens for Program Compatibility Assistant. Just click "Run the program without getting help".

Note: Installing Paper Tiger on Windows 10, you may receive a screen "An app on your PC needs the following Windows feature: .NET Framework 3.5 (includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0)", you should choose the option "Install this feature"

5. Progress will setup normally. 

6. Restart the system if prompted.

7. Turn your anti-virus software back on after Paper Tiger has completed installation.


You will need your version 4 serial number.


For the detailed instructions, please click on the following link.


You can use the Convert Data option or the Restore Database option to restore your database to Paper Tiger.

For the Convert Data option, see instructions at Convert Data from a Version 4.0 or Later Using a Paper Tiger Backup File (.bak)

For the Restore Database option, see instructions at How to Archive or Restore a Database with the Database Backup Manager

If you need to know where your database is located, please see our knowledge base article Where Can I Find My Paper Tiger Database Backups?

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