Startup Wizard

Startup Wizard to help our new users, as well as existing users, get started with The Paper Tiger. The wizard will help you in setting up a new Paper Tiger Database, as well as importing an existing one. See some of the screenshots below.


NOTE: If you do not see the Back, Next, and Finish buttons, you can click and hold your ALT key, then click N for Next. Follow the prompts on each page and continue to click ALT N and then when you get to the page that says "Congratulations - You are ready to use The Paper Tiger software!" then click ALT and the F key to Finish. This should finish the Startup Wizard and take you to your new database.









Remember, version 4 users can grab the latest build at the Software Updates page!

When updating Paper Tiger 4.1:

1. Be sure to log on as the Windows Administrator (recommended) or with an account that has administrative rights (the Paper Tiger software must be installed by an Administrator)

2. Disable any anti-virus software along with any other running programs that may interfere with the installation process then turn your anti-virus back on after installation has completed.



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