Where can I find my Paper Tiger Database Backups?



For builds 4.1.15 and above:

You can find the database file at the following location:"C:\PaperTiger PTxxxxx41 Backups"

Note: XXXXX indicates Professional/Basic/Network. It depends on the type of the Paper Tiger version you have. 


For builds 4.1.12 and below:

You can find the backup file at the following locations:"C:\Program Files\The Monticello Corporation\MSSQL.X\MSSQL\Backup".


You can find version 3 database on your harddrive at: Programs files/The Monticello Corporation/*.ptd file. 


You can find version 2 database on your harddrive at: Paper Tiger Single User 2.0/Databasefiles/*.ptd file


If you want or need to send the root database to our tech support team: 
<database name>.mdf 
and <database name>_log.ldf 
If you are a Network user, please also send PTAdmin.mdf and PTAdmin_log.ldf 
You can find .mdf & .ldf files at below location on SERVER system: 
“C:\Program Files\The Monticello Corporation\MSSQL.X\MSSQL\Data”

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    Permanently deleted user

    What if there are no BAK files?

    The data must reside some where.

    Please HELP!

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    If there are no .BAK files, it means something is wrong! Navigate to C:\Program Files\The Monticello Corporation\MSSQL.X\Data\ and you should see a bunch of .MDF and .LDF files. These are the raw database files that you can send us and we can convert them back into a .BAK file for you. Just use the link at the top to create a new support request.


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    Permanently deleted user

    I do locate my old dbase .bak by attempt to restore archived db return the error i sent you the printscreen of.

    Appreciate the help. I have archived file boxes of few days work




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