How do I import/export a Paper Tiger 4 CSV file?


To export a Paper Tiger CSV file from Paper Tiger 4:

You will first clear all pending items from your database, and then create a backup file to upload to Paper Tiger Online.
1. Clear all pending transfers
In order to clear all pending transfers, do the following:
• Open Paper Tiger
• Click on the "Confirm" button
• Either confirm or cancel all the pending transfers

2. Make sure your backup file is smaller than 6mb
To make sure your backup file is small enough for uploading, follow these steps:
• Go to File > Database Backup Manager

• Make sure you select "Create New Backup File" for the type of backup

• Click on the "Backup Database" button


3. Then export a Paper Tiger CSV file from Paper Tiger:

• From the File menu, select Export.
• Check the Select All box.
• Click the Browse button to select the preferred directory so you will know where to find it after it is saved, and type in a file name for the CSV file, click the Export or Save button

To import a Paper Tiger CSV file from Paper Tiger 4:
  1. Open version 4.1, but select CANCEL when asked what database you want to open. If a database opens automatically, click on FILE and NEW and ADD NEW DATABASE. Name the database and wait for the creation process to complete.
  2. Click on FILE and IMPORT.
  3. Check the box that says TEXT FILE from the TYPE OF IMPORT field.
  4. Browse to and select the provided CSV file using the BROWSE button Note: you should see the window populate with the Locations List contained within the export file.
  5. Check the box that says SELECT ALL from the SELECT LOCATIONS TO IMPORT field.
  6. Check the box that says USE IMPORT LOCATION from the IMPORT DESTINATION field.
  7. Click on IMPORT.


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