How do I move an item to a new or a different Location?

Below are the directions to move an item to a new or a different location:

1. Open Paper Tiger

2. Highlight the row of the Item you want to move.

3. Click on the Transfer button. In the dialog box, click the Summary tab, then choose Move, Merge, or Duplicate. Choose New Location and choose whether you want to Require Confirmation before the move takes place in the database. Choose an Action Date if desired. Click the Transfer button at bottom right. 

4. If you chose to require confirmation, please click on “Confirm” button which is at the top.

5. Then a page will show the list of items which are needed to be confirmed based on your previous actions. (Either move, merge, duplicate, or toss)

6. Then click on the item(s) below the Confirm column. This will confirm that you want Paper Tiger to perform the transfer, and the item(s) you confirm will be moved. You can also choose to Cancel the action by clicking in the Cancel column.



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