How do I print reports and labels?

Setting Up Your Printer

You must set up your printer to work with The Paper Tiger document management software and filing system before you can print labels and reports.  Select Printer Setup from the File menu, then select the printer you wish to use.

Printing Reports

When you run a report, you have the option of previewing the report or printing it without previewing it.  To preview the report, click the Preview button. To print your report, click the Print button.  The report is printed on your printer.

To print reports or file labels, follow these steps:

1. Select Reports from the Main menu

2. Select Reports, Lists, or Labels depending on what you need to print.

For Reports

Select the Reports submenu for the following options:

  • File List Report
  • File List Report with Two Columns
  • File List with Keywords Report
  • File List With Details Report
  • Action Date Report (Professional Edition Only)
  • Action Date with Keywords Report (Professional Edition Only)
  • File Cleanout Guide
  • File list for PDA (Professional Edition Only)




For Lists

Select the Lists submenu for the following options:

  • Select Font for Reports
  • Location Report
  • Category Report (Professional Edition Only)
  • Transfer Report
  • Print Browser Contents





For Labels

Select the Labels sub menu for the following options:

  • Print Labels
  • Print Initial File Folder Tabs
  • Print File Folder Tabs by Location





Custom saved reports can be accessed by selecting the Saved Reports option.

You can also click the Print button on any toolbar where it is displayed.

Using the Preview

The Preview displays the report exactly as it will print.

There are several options for adjusting the view in the Preview:

  • Click on the left and right arrows to switch between multiple pages
  • Select the zoom percentage using the Zoom drop down menu


There are several print options in the Preview:

  • Click on the Print button to print the report
  • Click on the Printer Setup button to setup your printer.


You can export the report to a disk file in various text formats by clicking the Export button.

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